Promemoria House Taipei VS. 「Architectural photography +」Opening

Pioneering innovative life aesthetics, Yi&C introduces Italian luxury furniture brand Promemoria into Taiwan in 2020. Promemoria is known for its marriage of classic craftsmanship and precious textiles and materials, embodying a timeless European heritage.

Officially launching on January 15, the pristine Promemoria furniture store opens its doors to the public. Founder Romeo Sozzi’s family members will be present to celebrate the opening of the store and of Architectural Photography +, an exhibition meticulously curated by the Tokyo-based Taka Ishii Gallery. Comprising the works of renowned photographers such as Candida Höfer and Luisa Lambri, this exhibition highlights architecture as the principal subject in photography, in contrast to traditional photographic documentation of buildings. 

Promemoria’s hundred-year artisanship juxtaposed with contemporary architecture photography exalts haute living of Taiwan’s high society, elevated and refined through Yi&C’s singular taste in home living and prudent foresight. 

Architectural photography +

展    期  │ 2020年1月15日– 3月31日
                  15th  Jan., 2020 – 31st Mar., 2020
                  15th Jan., 2020
                  Promemoria House Taipei Opening 

Press Presentation     14:30-15:30
Cocktails                     17:00-20:00


【A Sense of Pleasure - Paintings and Photographs by Emily Wang】

Curated by Rudy Tseng and Jenny Lee , 60 artworks are selected for the artists 1st solo exhibition to offer an overview of Wangs involvement across all media. Wang fuses her artistic heritage of the colorist tradition and all-over painting with the influence of Chinese painting in her abstract work. Color and light are her elements; energy and spiritual ecstasy are her goals.


Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones II

Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones, the contemporary ink exhibition of Taiwanese painter Peng Kang Long that took place at Yi&C. in 2014 not only embodied the perfect marriage of contemporary ink and home aesthetics, but expanded the horizons for local and international collectors.

This year Yi&C. presents Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones II, comprising a constellation of Peng Kang Long’s works from 2014 to 2017. Fervently sought after on the international art market, Peng is known for harnessing the power within his painting, as each brushstroke delineates mountains, stones, flowers, grass — either in audacity or defiance. Critic Xia Ke Jun once described Peng’s brushwork as “profound, intense sensuosity,” and “an authentic exploration in Chinese ink,” while Guo Guang Yu compared Peng’s unrestrained interpretation of the centuries-old medium to fauvism in ink. Through this exhibition the viewer will be able to witness up close the artist’s creative force and artistic endeavor in all its ebullience.


誠摯邀請您參與易雅居2016年11月11日 【仰觀垂象—泰祥洲水墨個展】開幕酒會

Yi&C. is pleased to present Chinese ink painter Tai Xiangzhou and his solo exhibition Celestial Tales for its 2016 annual exhibition project. Having caught the attention of the international art scene, Tai Xiangzhou brings to Yi&C. his latest series Astronomy. The most salient quality of his work lies in the artist’s ability to blend traditional Chinese ink painting with his years-long research on astronomy and early Chinese art. His painting encapsulates a structural aesthetics of image making as meteorites and the astronomical universe metamorphose at the tip of his paintbrush. The artist has introduced a new perspective on Chinese ink painting that exudes profound poetics, garnering him international acclaim.

Tai Xiangzhou’s work is in various collections of museums and academic institutions, as well as prominent international collectors. Especially his work is the first that the Art Institute of Chicago has collected of a living Asian artist since it was founded in 1879, opening a new page for Chinese ink painting on the international art scene. You are cordially invited to Celestial Tales: The Ink Painting of Tai Xiangzhou, on view at Yi&C. from November 11 to December 10.


Contemporary Art in Korea

Korea has in recent years distinguished itself in the field of arts and culture. In celebration of October 3, the National Foundation Day of Korea, Yi&C. in collaboration with Taipei 101 and the Korean Mission in Taipei, is pleased to present Contemporary Art in Korea, a group exhibition aimed at fostering cultural exchange between Taiwan and Korea by highlighting a constellation of important Korean contemporary artists, both established and emerging, who have contributed to the burgeoning art scene in Korea in diverse mediums from sculpture to printmaking. 

Contemporary Art in Korea opened with sculptress Gyoungmin Kim’s critically acclaimed solo exhibition A Journey to Find Happiness earlier in July. Kim is known for her keen observations of the everyday, transforming moving moments from a first-time meeting, to a morning commute to work, or a joyful bike ride home with family, into three-dimensional forms that emanate an air of tender and deep happiness.

The group exhibition continues at the end of August with artists Park Seo Bo, Kim Whan Ki, Song Hyeong Noh, Yoon Byung Rock, and Ha Taelm, among others. Park Seo Bo, known as the father of the Dansaekhwa, or the Korean Monochrome Painting, is dexterous in creating repeated pencil lines on hanji, Korean traditional paper, mounted on canvas, embodying a spirituality in painting through multitudes of lines. Kim Whan Ki (1913–1974), who passed away over 40 years ago, pioneered in Korean abstract art with his clean palette and deep sense of dimensionality. Song Hyeong Noh conflates nature, animals, and inanimate objects in his painting, calling forth imagery surreally three-dimensional and unexpectedly gripping. With his paintbrush Yoon Byung Rock magnifies apples on traditional Korean rice paper in a uncanny realist approach. Also on display is a refreshing array of emerging Korean artists who have found their way into international limelight. Contemporary Art in Korea with a talented roster of Korean artists, instantiates the distinctive and booming art scene of Korea today. The varied group exhibition opens at the end of August at Gallery 101, Taipei.


眼界 ‧ 心界——森山大道個人作品展

展覽展出森山大道由1971年至今不同時期的作品共80幅,其中包括森山最為人熟悉的作品《野犬》(1971)。展品選自各重要時期的系列作品﹕首次造訪美國時拍攝的《紐約:另一個國度》(1971)、《北海道》(1978)、《巴黎》(1988/1989) 和仍在創作進行式的《紀錄》攝影集系列: 《紀錄No.15 (紐約)》(2010)、《紀錄No.18 (台北)》(2011)、《紀錄No.19 (意大利)》(2011)、《紀錄No.23 (倫敦)》(2013)等。展覽涵蓋森山大道歷經四十多年的藝術發展。



《眼界 ‧ 心界——森山大道個人作品展》
展期 │2015 年 12 月 11 日-2016 年 01 月 08 日
December 11, 2015 – January 08, 2016

2015 年 12 月 11 日 易雅居當代空間館 展覽開幕茶會
December 11, 2015 Yi&C Contemporary Art Opening Ceremony

Media Reception 媒體發表會 14:00-15:00
Opening Ceremony 開幕茶會 15:30-17:30


《金庚民:尋找幸福之旅 / Kim Gyung Min:A Journey to Find Happiness》


展期 │2015年10月30日-11月27日
October 30, 2015 – November 27, 2015
2015年10月30日 易雅居當代空間館 展覽開幕酒會
October 30, 2015 Yi&C Contemporary Art Opening
Opening 開幕酒會 17:30 - 20:30


得墨 :金浩得墨界 / KIM HO DEUK:the Mo, KIM HO DEUK’s Ink Painting


展期 │2015年10月30日-11月27日
October 30, 2015 – November 27, 2015

2015年10月30日 易雅居當代空間館 展覽開幕酒會
October 30, 2015 Yi&C Contemporary Art Opening
Opening 開幕酒會 17:30 - 20:30


Gazing into Korean Contemporary Art

Gazing into Korean Contemporary Art 
Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts 

Blending elegant home décor with Asian contemporary art, nurturing a unique atmosphere where East and West cultures converge, has always been the core philosophy of Yi&C. As Lesser Fullness of Grain is approaching, Yi&C. with its unique eye for arts and culture, is pleased to present Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts, a group exhibition curated by Moon Jung-Hee, which highlights the trendsetters of Korean contemporary art. 

As the Korean culture overwhelms the global fashion, cultural and creative, and entertainment industries, Korea's contemporary art has held a strong presence in the international art world. Looking to broaden the scope of the Taiwanese art scene, Yi&C. invites Moon Jung-Hee, visiting professor of the Tainan National University of the Arts, to curate Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts. Moon is also an art historian and the chief researcher of the Korean Graduate School of the Arts. This exhibition focuses on three well-known contemporary artists in Korea. Switzerland-based Yang Kwang-Ja (b. 1943) and once U.S.-based Kim Bong Tae (b. 1937) are both tremendously influenced by Western Modernism in the 1970s, while Kim Sun (b. 1976), born in the generation of the mid-70s, is a rising star in Korea's art circle. The common thread that runs through these artists' art practices is that they construct a melting domain through the use of multimedia art forms and collage. Delving into issues such as self and identity, localness and foreignness, memory and reciprocation, these three artists reinterpret the diverse forms into which contemporary art morphs in their individual generations. 

《The Light Series》, Yang Kwang-Ja 

Since she graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts and settled down in Zurich, Switzerland to teach, Yang Kwang-Ja has been actively engaged in her art practice, which was profoundly influenced by Western Modernism in the 1970s. On display at this exhibition is her Light Series, distinguished by lyricism, and a mix of oil paint, ink wash, and egg tempera. Breaking visual boundaries, the artist layers on canvas an exuberant fullness with hefty oil paints, contrasted with ink wash and egg tempera that exudes an airy, poetic, and sensuous freespiritedness, as an emotional space simultaneously transparent and opaque materializes. Painting in an abstract style of German Expressionism, Yang boldly combines ink wash and oil paint on traditional canvas or Korean mulberry paper. It is not difficult to see her relentless search in Eastern and Western cultures for something that resonates with her identity as Korean, her longing to return to her motherland, and her pursuit of connection. In her work, ink wash applied closely to hefty oil paint, appears to be mottled traces but more like reflections of her state of mind, while a nostalgia so faint and obscure sprawls along the texture of her painting. 

《The Dancing Box Series》, Kim Bong Tae 

Kim Bong Tae, with a bachelor's degree from the University of Seoul, nurtured by the local Korean abstract style, has been practicing printmaking and sculpture in the United States for many years. His recent body of work demonstrates a great deal of sculptural 
collage in the painting that renders something flat three-dimensional. With the Dancing Box Series Kim's years of hard work in two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts have finally come to fruition. Several flat geometric shapes pop up in the box: a see-through interior space is formed by silhouettes of the geometric shapes, while a three-dimensionality is constructed by color blocks which transform into dancing figures. 

Intriguingly the Dancing Box, strongly influenced by Western simplicity and logic, is dominated by a vibrant and contrasting palette that enlivens the dancing figure with an aesthetic quality that evokes traditional Korean clothing. Neat and sprightly, Kim's work 
is a form of self-scrutiny on Korean artists in the global art world, each detail characterized by highly distinct pigments steeped in the culture of his home country, artfully blending aesthetics of the East and West. 

《The Nostalgic Series》, Kim Sun 

Born, raised, and based in Korea, emerging artist Kim Sun is known for her mixed-media art practic in photography and drawing. She first photographs the scenery, then hand-draws on transparency paper, and finally superimposes the photograph with the drawing, before taking an image of the combined piece as the final work. While the drawing conveys the artist's subjective awareness and emotions, the photograph portrays remnants of objective reality. The Nostalgic Series is — in a way — a question she poses to herself throughout her years of travel in foreign lands: Who am I? The traces of changing space and time, and surroundings/contexts are mixed and collaged with her superimposed images and expressive drawings, creating a surreal imagery in poetic filter colors. Kim Sun blends realistic observations with personal reflections, turning them into thoughtful visual manifestations. 
Believing in living space aesthetics and arts, every year Yi&C. presents meticulously curated exhibitions as a way to enrich the public's cultural understanding. Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts is an attempt to transcend borders as well as an opportunity for art connoisseurs to experience firsthand the burgeoning Korean art scene. 
About the Artists │ Yang Kwang-Ja 

Born in 1943 in Naju, Korea, Yang Kwang-Ja went to study in Berlin, Germany in 1966. 
After she graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts, she settled down in Zurich, Switzerland, and has been living and working there as a teacher and an artist ever since. Her artistic style of abstraction is significantly influenced by German Expressionism, rendered in Western egg tempera, self-made ink wash, and Korean mulberry paper, as she breaks East-West boundaries in her conscious welding of materials. 

1943 Born in Naju, Korea 
1966 to Berlin, Germany 
1968-73 Postgraduate M.A. in Department of Painting, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany 
1969 Studied Western Art History in Free University Berlin, Germany 
1973-80 Studied in College of Education, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany, obtain a teaching certificate 
1978-79 Investigated the Museum in Germany 
1980 Settlement in Swiss 
1983 Studied the Asian Art History in Zurich University, Swiss 
1986-2004 Professor, Department of Oriental Painting, Zurich University of the Arts, Swiss 

Solo Exhibitions 

1977 Art and Craft Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
1983 Burgdorf Gallery, Burgdorf, Swiss 
Diebenturum Gallery, Luzern, Swiss 
1983 Studied the Asian Art History in Zurich University, Swiss 
1984 St. Gallen City Theater, St. Gallen, Swiss 
1985 Uelzen of City Museum, Uelzen, Grmany 
1986 Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1988 Geothe Institut, Seoul, Korea 
1989 Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1991 Labyrinth Gallery, Basel, Swiss 
1992 Kumho Museum and Sam Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1997 Kumho Museum and Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1998 Colin Gallery, Lausnne, Swiss 
2004 Joachim Gallery, Tübingen, Germany 
2005 St. Greifensee Foundation, Zurich, Swiss 
2011 Bill Kristen Gallery, Zurich, Swiss 
2014 Claudia Geiser Gallery, Zurich, Swiss 

Group Exhibitions 

1975 5th Young Artist of Berlin Exhibition, Berlin, Germany 
1976 Gedock, Berlin, Germany 
1986 1st Korean Gallery Association show, National Museum of Modern and 
Contemporary Art, Korea 
1988 3th Asia Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Modern Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan 
1988 5th Park Ryu Sook Gallery’s opening ceremony show, Seoul, Korea 
1989 Kumho Museum’s opening ceremony show, Seoul, Korea 
1995 1st Women Art’s Association, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 
1999 3th Change Diectory, Bern City Museum, Bern, Swiss 
2005 Frankfurt’s Galley Association Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany 
2007 Christie’s Auction, New York, USA 
2008 Christie’s Auction, New York, USA 
International Modern Art of Karsruhe Galley Association, Karsruhe, Germany 
2008 Joachim Gallery, Tübingen, Germany 
2011 Perifair Gallery, Zurich, Swiss 

Awards and Collections 

Council of Bern, Fellowship 
Council of Zurich, Fellowship 
Uelzen of City Museum, Uelzen, Grmany 
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea 
EMC, Munich, Germany 
Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea 
Face Museum, Seoul, Korea 

Kim Bong Tae 

Born in 1937, Kim Bong Tae graudated from the University of Seoul and went to study in 
the United States. He moved back to Korea after years of teaching in the U.S. His art practice is rooted in the abstract style of Korea's local culture, and later influenced by American printmaking and sculpture techniques. His recent body of work combines two-dimensionality with three-dimensional collage, eliciting sculptural character from planar works. 

1937 Born in Busan, Korea 
1961 B.F.A College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 
1966 B.F.A., M.F.A. Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, 
California, U.S.A 

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

1970 Graphics Gallery, San Francisco(US) 
1971 American Cultural Service, Busan(KR) 
1973 ADI Gallery, San Francisco, Pacific Asia Museum, Los Angeles(US) 
1977 Jean Art Gallery, Seoul(KR) 
1978 Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks(US) 
1979 Fisher Gallery, Los Angeles, ADI Gallery, San Francisco(US) 
1980 Dong San Bang Gallery, Seoul, American Cultural Center, Busan(KR) 
1985 Hankook Gallery, Los Angeles(US) 
1986 American Cultural Service, Gwangju(KR) 
1990 Hankook Gallery, Seoul(KR) 
1991 Johyun Gallery, Busan(KR) 
1992 Gallery 9, Seoul(KR) 
1993 The Thirty Years of Printmaking, Gong Pyung Art Center, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Sampooong Gallery, DongSoong Gallery, Seoul(KR) 
1994 Song One Gallery, Bucheon(KR) 
1995 Fine Gallery, Seoul(KR) 
1996 The Seoul Club, Seoul(KR) 
1997 Galerie Bhak, Seoul(KR) 
2000 Galeriasia, Hong Kong(HK) 
2002 Hyundai Arts Center, Woolsan, Suka Art Space, Busan(KR) 
2004 Gana Art Center, Seoul 
2005 World Art Gallery, Tokyo(JP) 
2008 Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul, Gallery Idm, Busan(KR) 
2009 Gallery Royal, Seoul, Gallery Idm, Busan(KR) 
2013 Busan Museum if Art, Busan(KR) 

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2000 The beginning of Korean Modern Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Postwar Abstract Art in Korea and the West: Passion and Expression, Samsung Museum, Seoul, New Millennium 3.24, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul(KR) 
2001 Asian Artists Exhibition, Brighton Polytechnic Gallery, Brighton(UK) 
2002 Understanding of Abstract Painting, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, The Color of Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul(KR) National Museum of Art, Osaka, Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art, Nagoya(JP) 
2003 Drawing:Irs New Horizon, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul(KR) Three Person Exhibition, World Art Gallery,Tokyo(JP) The Seoul Art Exhibition Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul(KR) 
2004 The exhibition of Seoul Art Association, Center of Association of Architects, Roma(IT) 
2005 Japan-Korea Art Exhibition, Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka(JP) 
2006 The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore(SP) 
2007 Abstract art , Amusement on the Borders, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul(KR) 
2008 Bridge Art Fair, New York(US) 
2009 5Person 5 Character, Chang Ucchin's House, Yongin(KR) China.Korea Relation 17th Anniversary Art Special Festival, SunShine International Art Museum, Beijing, Sogo Art Fair, Beijing(CN) 
2010 Hong Kong Art Fair, The Columns Gallery, Hong Kong(HK) Portrait of Korean War, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul(KR) 
2011 The Changing Face of Busan, Busan Museum of Art, Busan(KR) 
2012 KIAF, Lee Hwaik Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Plasitic days,Pohang Museum of Art, Pohang(KR) Asia International Art Show, Bangkok(TL) Now Dance, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul(KR) 
2013 70's Renaissance, EVE Gallery, Seoul, Contemporary art inside the book, Goyang Aram Arts Center, Goyang, COOL PRINT, Seoul Museum of Art,Seoul,Hommage to Whanki I, Hwanki Museum, Seoul, Park Soo Keun Museum, Yanggu(KR) 

Awards and Collections 

1977 Brand Ⅶ, Glendale, California College of the Siskiyous National Print and Drawing Competition, Weed, California 
1978 5th National Print Exhibition, California State University, Northridge, California 
2007 1st Artist of Korea Award, Department of Western style Painting 

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea Samsung Museum, Seoul, Korea Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Shimonoseki, Japan The British Museum,London, U.K. Constitutional Court of Korea, Seoul, Korea Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Swiss Confederation, Kalcheggweg, Swiss White House, Washington D.C. U.S.A. 

Kim Sun 

Born in 1976 in Chungnam, Korea, Kim Sun works in mixed media of photography and drawing, with a solid foundation in techniques. Contrary to the grandioseness and sensationlism often found in contemporary photography, Kim Sun's work witnesses her return to the nature of visual aesthetics. Her poetic visual expression does not seek to provoke, but to convey the subtle feelings of the artist as pensive visual representations. 
1976 Born in Chungnam, Korea Live and works in Seoul 
1999 Graduated department of photography College of Fine Arts, The Sangmyung University, BFA degree 
2002 One semester course study of easel painting, College of Fine Arts, The Hongik University 
2006 Toscana Photographic Workshop, Italy. tutor: Todd Hido 
2007 Summer school; short term program, alternative photographic process study, The Central Sanit Martins Callege of Art and Design, London. tutor: Guy Paterson Selected Solo Exhibitions 

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

2013 "Photography with painting", KDS Design Studio, Seoul Selected Group Exhibitions 
2005 "Love and Farewell", Munhwaillbo Gallery, Seoul 


Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts

As Lesser Fullness of Grain is approaching, Yi&C. with its unique eye for arts and culture, is pleased to present Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts, a group exhibition that highlights the trendsetters of Korean contemporary art.

This exhibition focuses on three well-known contemporary artists in Korea. Switzerland-based Yang Kwang-Ja and U.S.-based Kim Bong Tae are both tremendously influenced by Western Modernism in the 1970s, while Kim Sun, who was born in the 1970s, is a rising star in Korea's art circle. The common thread that runs through these artists' art practices is that they construct a melting domain through the use of multimedia art forms and collage. Delving into issues such as self and identity, localness and foreignness, memory and reciprocation, these three artists reinterpret the diverse forms into which contemporary art morphs in their individual generation.

「融域」--- 韓藝三個路/Melting domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts

展期│ 2015年05月29日-2015年06月28日
開 幕 茶 會 :03月27日 15:30-18:30

Forum: Korean Art's Diaspora in 1970s
時間 」2015年5月30日 14:00~16:00

地點 」易雅居當代空間館
與談人」策展人文貞姬 女士(Ms. Moon Jung-Hee)
藝術家梁光子 (Yang,Kwang-Ja)
藝術家金鳳台 (Kim Bong Tae)
臺灣師範大學美術系 白適銘教授

※ 限額 20 名聽眾,有興趣者請向易雅居報名Tel:: 02-2781-3131