Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones II

Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones, the contemporary ink exhibition of Taiwanese painter Peng Kang Long that took place at Yi&C. in 2014 not only embodied the perfect marriage of contemporary ink and home aesthetics, but expanded the horizons for local and international collectors.

This year Yi&C. presents Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones II, comprising a constellation of Peng Kang Long’s works from 2014 to 2017. Fervently sought after on the international art market, Peng is known for harnessing the power within his painting, as each brushstroke delineates mountains, stones, flowers, grass — either in audacity or defiance. Critic Xia Ke Jun once described Peng’s brushwork as “profound, intense sensuosity,” and “an authentic exploration in Chinese ink,” while Guo Guang Yu compared Peng’s unrestrained interpretation of the centuries-old medium to fauvism in ink. Through this exhibition the viewer will be able to witness up close the artist’s creative force and artistic endeavor in all its ebullience.