Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts

As Lesser Fullness of Grain is approaching, Yi&C. with its unique eye for arts and culture, is pleased to present Melting Domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts, a group exhibition that highlights the trendsetters of Korean contemporary art.

This exhibition focuses on three well-known contemporary artists in Korea. Switzerland-based Yang Kwang-Ja and U.S.-based Kim Bong Tae are both tremendously influenced by Western Modernism in the 1970s, while Kim Sun, who was born in the 1970s, is a rising star in Korea's art circle. The common thread that runs through these artists' art practices is that they construct a melting domain through the use of multimedia art forms and collage. Delving into issues such as self and identity, localness and foreignness, memory and reciprocation, these three artists reinterpret the diverse forms into which contemporary art morphs in their individual generation.

「融域」--- 韓藝三個路/Melting domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts

展期│ 2015年05月29日-2015年06月28日
開 幕 茶 會 :03月27日 15:30-18:30

Forum: Korean Art's Diaspora in 1970s
時間 」2015年5月30日 14:00~16:00

地點 」易雅居當代空間館
與談人」策展人文貞姬 女士(Ms. Moon Jung-Hee)
藝術家梁光子 (Yang,Kwang-Ja)
藝術家金鳳台 (Kim Bong Tae)
臺灣師範大學美術系 白適銘教授

※ 限額 20 名聽眾,有興趣者請向易雅居報名Tel:: 02-2781-3131